Halloween Party



OLLY would like to say a huge thank you to Lyn Staunton and her team at Variety GB again, also a huge thank you to Sandra and all her staff at Broadway Function Rooms. Every year now Sandra and her staff have put on an amazing display for our OLLY children’s Christmas Party and Easter Party. Every year between 150 and 200 children enjoy a fabulous day at Broadway Function Rooms with a disco, children’s entertainer, fantastic food; OLLY, MOLLY and The Magic Dragon are in the room to shake hands with the OLLY children. This is an amazing day; the list has started to get full. Please if we have missed you out or you have only just learnt of this fantastic day please call OLLY on 0151 709 2994. If you wish your child to wear fancy dress Halloween costumers please feel free to do so. If the parents also wish to dress up please do so, but for further information please attend our group meeting on Tuesday 18th June between 10.30 and 12 noon. If you cannot attend the meeting please call the office.