O.L.L.Y (Our Lost Love Years)

OLLY is now preparing for their up and coming events this is the list of up and coming events below;
Saturday 5th October 2019
Our younger OLLY children will be going to ‘Mini Monsters.
Saturday 13th October 2019
Some of the OLLY children will be going to the cinema at Birkenhead.
Saturday 19th October 2019
Our Ardent OLLY swimmer will be swimming at the Europa Pool.
Saturday 26th October 2019
Our Amazing Halloween Party held at Broadway Function Rooms 200 OLLY children dressed up in costume with painted faces.
Monday 28th October 2019
30 of our OLLY children will be in Anson Street for Art and Craft, board games, storytelling, hair and makeup, DVD’s (cartoons), memory boxes, we have 25 I pads for the children and lots more.
OLLY will soon have its own place with its long awaited rear garden, where we will be holding BBQ’S Summer Fete’s and lots of outdoor activities. WATCH THIS SPACE!!!!!
If you need any further information please call 0151 709 2994 between 9.30am and 4.30pm