OLLY Charity Shop Update


As everyone is aware due to this Corona virus 19 which sadly is affecting every single person also shops such as our OLLY charity shop. As soon as we have information that we will be allowed to open our shop doors we will put our updated news feed out stating the day and time we will open, it seems to be 4th July 6 weeks away. As we have stated in our previous news feeds, we have a full van load of clothing, shoes, toiletries etc., waiting to be delivered. We will be doing a full shop change, there will be designer items in abundance, there will be brand new stock.

Our amazing committed, loyal volunteers, Yvonne and her team are waiting to open OLLY’s doors again. Please wait for our news update.

Once again, a big thank you to everyone who has donated, to our regular customer, to everyone in Bootle Strand for your valued support.

If you need anything further, please call us on as our office has not closed as we adhere to the rules set down by Government for social distancing etc.