OLLY Children’s Charity Update

After the news update from our Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Sunday 10th May we listen but more to the point we adhere to the rules that are laid down for us all to stay safe to keep the R below 1 we can only do this by all of us pulling together and adhering to those rules set down, if we want to try and get back to some kind of normality as the year approaches Christmas this will only happen if we adhere to these rules set down by Government. They are set down for a reason, we are all fed up and tired, anxious but we stand together united by all adhering to those rules, keeping lives safe, helping our NHS and respecting others.

OLLY as we know has its annual camping trip booked and paid for the end of July? Will this still go ahead? Right now we do not know but hopefully by adhering to the rules set down now there is a possibility that our camping trip will go ahead because the R has fallen and so to have deaths from this evil virus ‘Corona 19’. We hope this will happen and our OLLY children all of them that will be going camping can enjoy the freedom of the countryside, outdoor games on the field, a trip to the beach and families can bond together in harmony.

A huge thank you to our sponsors, a huge thank you to Lyndsey, Sarah, Jackie, Dave, Becky, Clare, Tanya and Kayleigh, our valuable volunteers who are committed but also see the need in supporting and helping so many children within OLLY. To them we give thanks, without them where would we be.