Thank You

OLLY children left their annual camp at Lyon’s Bells of St Mary’s after an amazing five day holiday. There are so many people that put there hard work, time into making this holiday happen. It starts in the office at The HUB’ 6 Anson Street, L3 5NY. Of course with any trip or holiday it has to be pre-planned well in advance. This is done by the loyal committed volunteers who work in the office five days a week, a huge thank you to Jackie Langford who works side by side closely with Jean Taylor, together they arrange sponsorships, coach hire, van hire, Jackie puts together the full ring binder, in it goes the five days activities, itinerary, inventory, check list, food menu’s and plan of actions
Well ahead of the annual trip it is often those who work behind the scenes we do not hear about but without the hard work that goes into these events behind the scene they would not run so smoothly.
Then we must say a big thank you to Beverley who takes charge of that binder which makes this easier for Bev, as it shows her what is planned. She then follows the activities planned and informs her volunteers what is planned and what she would like her team to do with the children, while also looking after the other volunteers. Each volunteer has five children in their little group, while also overseeing the teenagers within camp.
We would also like to say a big thank you to Mike King who drives the red bus while at camp and also his group of 9 boys that are in his group team, although they all look out for each other.
A huge thank you to, Jay who does an amazing job now cleaning the kitchen tent and the two cookers. Jay also with his bucket of dettol water mops out the floors in the kitchen tent and activity tent, Mike King does all the cooking which then obviously frees up the time for Bev, Becky, Melissa and Lyndsey as their job is just to organise the children and work from the daily lists of activities prepared in the office.
A huge thank you to, Jo and Ian who run and manage the Lyon’s Bells of St Mary;s camp site, every year they host our annual camp. A huge thank you to all of the sponsors that the office applied to with success to be able to make this happen
There is certainly no I in team, it also goes without saying that the main focus of these holidays and trips out has to be the well organised, well planned, well in advance. This is how our charity can stand and say ‘we are certainly one of the best’.
We have amazing plans before Christmas. Our Halloween Party, Christmas Party, day trips out with huge thanks from Lyn and Gabby at Variety Children’s Charity, Sandra, her staff at Broadway Function Rooms, Happy Al’s Coach Firm at Birkenhead. All of these ahead of schedule has to be planned in the office, in The HUB so the whole events run with success.
If you need any further information please call 0151 709 2994