Firstly, we hope that you are all staying safe and well. We understand the extreme frustrations from this awful lock down pandemic. As always, the wellbeing of our OLLY children is paramount to all we stand for, their wellbeing, safety and care will always be our top priority as you know.

Like yourselves we along with our trustees and management committee listen to all the updates from Government regarding the lock down. It is looking like Government are going to open up camp sites in July this will be welcoming news but we must also stress that if this is to go ahead we will at all times adhere to rules that will be set down by Government as the opening of campsites happen. As we are aware while camping there is a big distance from other campers, we will have with us all the necessary PPE, we will also have the monitor for checking temperatures where and when need be. Let us hope that the deaths as they are falling let us hope they continue to do so and let us pray for all those lives that where lost from this awful Covid 19 virus.

We will be holding a meeting sometime in June again we will socially distance and will provide masks. We can then give an update as we slowly move forward to normality.

As you know from the many of you that we are still here in operation supporting, listening, helping, and guiding those of you who have contacted us. Please feel free to in box us as you do or call us on 0151 709 2994 ‘PLEASE DO NOT SUFFER IN SILENCE’. If you need any books are games or toys, please call us at let us know. We are here to help you. Stay safe, stay well, and give your children all our love from everyone here in the OLLY Team and everyone who works in the office helping to make wonderful days out, holidays happen.