What is a needy child?

by | May 10, 2022 | News

When we think of a child in need one could automatically think that a needy child is in need of what?

A needy child could live in a lovely home surrounded by nice things, one would think that that particular child is in need of nothing?

Let me tell you a story about a child who lived in a lovely home surrounded by material things including, love would one presume that this child is not a needy child?

This child who had everything the only thing it did not have was the loving arms to wrap around him of his mother, he did not have those loving lips to kiss him good night from his mother, yet his bedroom of this child was adorned with the material things a child could want or need, but what he needed most was not there which was his mother.

Yet we have another child who lives in a house sparse of furniture, sparse of material things, his bedroom has a bed, a side cabinet that is it. That child did not need material things, he was not in need for them but he had most and more important was his loving mothers’ arms to wrap around him, and his mother to kiss him goodnight before he went to sleep.

In OLLY our children’s charity in more ways than one each and every one of our children are in need of something, we cannot measure need, nor would we ever want to. Only to often the child who has a home full of materialistic things but has not mother to hold him when he falls shall we bypass that child as a child not in need or shall we treat that child in as much need as the child who lives in deprivation, let us not forget that children do not see material things, they are not nurtured with material things, they are nurtured from the loving arms of the mother, when those loving arms are not there that is the greatest need that any child could ever want. Only too often these children can be left at the back of the queue, they don’t dress in dowdy clothes some of their clothes are named but underneath those clothes is a need from a heart that has been broken from the loss of their mother therefore when OLLY has nice things to give to our OLLY children, we say each and every one of them has a need.