Our Lost Love Years – O.L.L.Y

Our Wish List

Our Lost Love Years (O.L.L.Y) was created by Joseph, a young boy who lost his mother to murder.

Our Lost Love Year’s main objective will always be to provide everlasting support to children suffering from stress and grief.

O.L.L.Y also offers our activities, day trips out and breaks away to children spread across Merseyside from families living in communities where there is high unemployment, crime and deprivation. Including these children into the O.L.L.Y club brings time away to them from their everyday lives.

O.L.L.Y and our members have many great ideas that will help push us forwards and enable us to offer support not only in our home county of Merseyside, but nationwide through other O.L.L.Y Centres across the county.

To achieve our dream of reaching as many children as possible O.L.L.Y has a Wish List of items we need to help push forwards to become bigger and better. We will never turn our backs on any child in need and being able to have the items on our wish list below will only make the support and guidance we offer that little bit more special.

Wish List:

  • To gain funding and sponsorship deals so that we can continue to offer our much-needed support.
  • To find an establishment/house with a garden big enough to hold ALL O.L.L.Y children for its drop-in clinics and activities.
  • To have a sponsor to pay for our caravans ground rent.
  • To have a sponsor for a trip to Disneyland.
  • To have 4 new computers for the children’s activity room.
  • To have a sponsor for the camping trip each year.
  • To find a sponsor for the running costs of our Mini-bus.
  • To have a sponsor for stationary, arts & craft material, and educational games/books.
  • To find a sponsor for the children’s lunches, while away on day trips.
  • To find a sponsor for day trips out to the Zoo once a year.