Our Lost Love Years – O.L.L.Y

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On Saturday 17th September 2022 we took some of our children to Willaston Farm.

Our children absolutely love going to Willaston Farm, the children love petting the animals, walking the goats and having an amazing time.
We would like to thank Paul, Katie and all the team for giving the children a great time every time we come. We would like to thank our volunteers for making this possible.

Thank you to our supporters and sponsors who provide the much-needed funds and support, helping us to deliver our wonderful services across Merseyside. Special thank you to Merseyside Police and Police Commissioner.
O.L.L.Y would like to say a huge thank you to every one of our supporters, sponsors, and volunteers.

Without the help provided by our supporters, sponsors, and volunteers, we would not be able to provide the valuable support we do.

O.L.L.Y would like to say a huge thank you to everyone at C.A.F.T for making our O.L.L.Y children while staying at the farm a memorable holiday with memories that will last in their little hearts forever. Also, for the magical Christmas day at C.A.F.T where the children received a brilliant present from Santa.

Without such kindness shown to our O.L.L.Y children and sponsors which all help to make little hearts sing and memories that they can treasure and look back on as they grow over the years instilled in their memories will certainly be C.A.F.T. Thank you all so so much from everyone here at O.L.L.Y.