About Our Lost Love Years (O.L.L.Y)

Following the loss of a loved one children are often left devastated, feeling isolated, confused and they might be unable to communicate with their friends and family.

This can cause them to bottle up their feelings, which often makes the problem worse. Their loss can often be overshadowed by the loss of other family members who are finding it hard to keep themselves together, without the added grief of another. That’s where O.L.L.Y is here to help.

O.L.L.Y welcomes children into their group who have not only lost a loved one from acts of violence, but also children who come from communities spread across Liverpool, Wirral and areas where there are high levels of unemployment, a high crime rate and gang culture. O.L.L.Y will always welcome children from all walks of life who wish to join in a wonderful group that is here to support via various activities that focus on their health and well-being.

Some of our activities include...


Play activities – allowing children and young people to be themselves again and play normally.
Art & Design Sessions – encouraging self expression using organised group sessions, with positive feedback given on the results of the effort.
Dramatisation Workshops – this can be very important to those involved, allowing for particular scenarios to be played out and expressed in a supportive and understanding environment.
Team Building (Sports) – this helps to both reinforce the bonds and friendships made by children and young people and is also enjoyable.
Music/Dance Sessions – another way in for the group to express themselves and have fun together.
Story Telling Sessions – Informal sessions that allow the communication of feelings and particular experiences which are affecting the group and individually.
Trips Out – organised activity that the group expresses an interest in, examples include; cinema, bowling, football and eating out to provide a change of scene. We are looking to organise holidays for the children and their families, although this is funding dependant.
Camping – Trips away in our ten man tents North Wales is a favourite at Bells of Saint Mary’s.
Pick up Service – Our Red Bus sponsored by Liverpool Football Club.
All of our activites are designed to provide a real positive benefit, and to help children express themselves and to rebuild their self esteem and confidence.

If you have a child that could benefit from any of our services or if OLLY (our lost love years) feel that a particular child needs more that we can offer, then OLLY will refer with parental/carer permission after discussions with that child’s parent/carer, to a reputable qualified agency or counsellor as it is paramount to the work that OLLY does that all children deserve the very best of care, please contact us at 0151 709 2994 or email our lovely founder Jean at jeantaylor@familiesfightingforjustice.com.

How it all began...

Chantel Taylor was tragically murdered aged 27. Her son Joseph and his siblings were left distraught and feeling unable to talk about the loss of their mum to their relatives for fear of causing further upset. They tried to carry on as normal but found it increasingly difficult.

Joseph spoke out to his nan Jean Taylor and asked for a place where children who have experienced the loss a loved one due to acts of murder or violence could come together and talk with the same understanding and feelings.

OLLY now has over 60 children using our service and we hope to reach out to more children in need every day.

Policies and Procedures

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