Amazing Day, An amazing time for OLLY

by | Nov 8, 2021 | News

OLLY has now been privileged to own a static caravan paid for by Rafa and Montse Benitez.

The caravan is there for OLLY to take children out on their own for a holiday or a short break just like OLLY does when they take children out on their minibus.

There will be two chosen adults who will take the children, giving the children a break out of their communities and home.

The caravan was purchased for the OLLY children and not the adults as this is what OLLY stands for ‘Children’.
Our long list of children in OLLY the parents/carers will be contacted to ask if their children would like to go and would be picked up and taken for a lovely break away.

From Little Acorns………… Big Oak trees certainly do grow.

A huge thank you to Joseph Lyon Senior, Joseph Lyon Junior and everyone at Lyon’s Robin Hood Caravan Park. Lewis you could not have been any more helpful, everyone at Lyon’s Robin Hood Caravan Park is now personal friends to OLLY, Jean Taylor, Jackie Langford and everyone in the OLLY team, our hearts thank you, here is to years of a long-standing friendship.

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