Latest Updates 2022

by | Jan 11, 2022 | News

As we know this Omicron variant is spreading fast.
Our Charity has worked with caution right through all the lockdowns because the support from our charity has never been more needed as Covid hit us families were isolated depression and hardship became even more so from being isolated but our charity carried on offering our services including food deliveries.

After Christmas, we readdressed the situation with these awful varients Covid and Omicron our services of support will continue providing information and guidance including were needed referral we do this because we understand and we care. We know now more than ever our services are needed even more so.

Olly will soon be back on their day trips out please watch out for the regular updates we have some great plans for 2022.

Stay Safe and well.

T. 0151 709 2994.

You can always contact us on Social Media inbox us privately if you wish.

You will be able to fill out our FASH form on any of our websites once we receive it we will contact you. There is also our Olly form if you wish your child to be part of a great children’s group.